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Blue And Grey Racing Partnerships | Janon Fisher III/ Blue and Grey Racing  - Baltimore, MD

Our Blue and Grey Racing partnerships get you involved in the excitement of ownership and horse racing without the high cost and risk. By purchasing shares in a thoroughbred racehorse, you make an investment that can pay very well over the long term. Training and managing a thoroughbred racehorse is not for everyone—that’s what we do best—but your investment can bring you fun, excitement, and cash money!

You should be cautious when choosing racing partners to invest with. Be sure the trainer or company has a good reputation in the equestrian/racing world, and owning successful racehorses is a definite plus! A trainer having previously placed in horse racing shows you the trainer is skilled, experienced, and successful, giving you the chance of a bigger return on your investment. With that statement, it’s no surprise that Janon Fisher III has numerous winning horses to back up his skill with horse racing.

Income and expenses are divided in proportion to each partner’s equity percentage with our Blue and Grey Racing partnerships. Monthly costs to maintain a horse are approximately $2,000–$3,500. Winnings will often offset your costs, but be aware that, in the event that there is not a win during any month, you are still responsible for paying your share of the maintenance.

If your goal and mindset are in the right place—enjoying the excitement and fun of owning a race horse—then this investment is for you! Although winning is what we strive for, you’ll never be disappointed if your heart is in the right place!

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